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Delyn MP is asking for views on Smart meters, which could help to cut emissions and bills in the home and at work.  

The Government has launched its consultation on metering and billing and is looking at how smart metering will play a key part in reducing our carbon footprint and cutting our energy bills.

The Government is proposing to cut energy use through the roll out of state of the art smart meters, and real time visual display units to households and businesses. Real time visual display units can tell people how much energy they are using, and how much it is costing when individual appliances are turned on. Smart meters allow energy suppliers to communicate directly with their customers, removing the need for meter-readings and providing accurate bills with no estimates. Smart meters tell people about their energy use either through linked real-time display units or in other ways, such as through the internet or even through digital TV.

The proposals on which the Government is consulting include:

* Providing more enhanced information on bills to help people save energy, including historical comparisons of their energy use;

* For electricity suppliers to provide a real-time visual display unit to any new meters fitted from 2008, and to all households that request them between 2008/10; and

* For gas and electricity suppliers to install smart meters to all but the smallest businesses over the next five years.

The consultation will also seek views on the Government’s expectation that, over the next ten years, all gas and electricity customers will be given smart meters with visual displays.

David Hanson said:

“Cutting emissions and reducing our carbon footprints is one the most important challenges we face and one that I know constituents want to be proactive on.

“Smart meters provide better information and more accurate billing. It is vital that we make best use of this emerging technology that will not only help cut our energy use but reduce our bills too.

“For more information on smart metering and the consultation please contact my office by phone on 01352 763159, email hansond(at) or write to David Hanson MP, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the National Eisteddfod coming to Mold and is convinced the festival will be a huge success for Flintshire.


The annual festival is held in North and South Wales alternately, and this year Mold has a fantastic opportunity to show off what Flintshire has to offer. Mr Hanson will be at the festival and will call in to a number of events and stands.


David Hanson said:


“I am, really looking forward to dropping by a number of stands and events next week.


“This years Eisteddfod is expected to attract over 100,000 people. This will mean a significant economic boost for the region, with millions of pounds being poured into local restaurants, hotels and businesses.


“I want to congratulate all the hard work that has been done by the organisers and I am confident that the festival will be a huge success.


“It also gives us the chance to show Flintshire in its best light, come rain or shine I look forward to seeing many of you out there next week.”



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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the news that the Government’s Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act will now mean thatCompanies whose gross negligence leads to the death of individuals will face prosecution.

Under the new law companies, organisations and, for the first time, Government bodies face an unlimited fine if they are found to have caused death due to their gross corporate health and safety failures.

The Corporate Manslaughter Act is a landmark in law and the culmination of ten years of campaigning by unions and other groups.

Employees of companies, consumers and other individuals will be offered greater protection against corporate negligence. The new law will focus the minds of those in companies and other organisations by ensuring that they take health and safety obligations seriously.

The Corporate Manslaughter Act:

* will make it easier to prosecute companies and other large organisations when gross failures in the management of health and safety lead to death by delivering a new, more effective basis for corporate liability;

* has reformed the law so that a key obstacle to successful prosecutions has now been removed. It means that both small and large companies can be held liable for manslaughter where gross failures in the management of health and safety cause death, not just health and safety violations;

* complements the current law under which individuals can be prosecuted for gross negligence manslaughter and health and safety offences, where there is direct evidence of their culpability. The Act builds on existing health and safety legislation – so the new offence does not impose new regulations on business;

* lifts Crown immunity to prosecution. Crown bodies – such as Government departments – will be liable to prosecution for the first time. So the Act will apply to companies and other corporate bodies, in the public and private sector, Government departments, police forces and certain unincorporated bodies, such as partnerships, where these are employers.

David Hanson said:

“The Corporate Manslaughter Bill is a ground-breaking piece of legislation and is about ensuring justice for victims of corporate failures. For too long it has been virtually impossible to prosecute large companies for management failures leading to deaths.

“The Act means, for the first time companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter on the basis of gross corporate failures in health and safety. The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act will make it easier to prosecute companies who fail to protect people.

“We are sending out a very powerful deterrent message to those organisations which do not take their health and safety responsibilities seriously.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the new train timetable for Flint, which will mean the frequency of direct trains from Flint to London will double, with improved journey times from 2009.


The changes to the timetable will include a service which will particularly appeal to business customers, with an arrival time at Euston around 08.30. There will now be 6 direct trains everyday, with a headline journey time of just 2 hours 24 mins.


There will be an hourly service running between Chester and London Euston throughout the day, and it is these services that will extend into and start from North Wales.


David Hanson said:


“I am delighted that the service from Flint to London continues to improve. I have campaigned for many years for a direct service to London and this latest timetable will be widely welcomed.


“As someone that lives in Flint and regularly uses the trains I know this will make a real difference for both commuters and leisure travellers. It will mean better links with major cities throughout the UK, which will help our local economy to grow.


“The improvements will mean extra seats, more frequent services and quicker times and I will be pressing Virgin Trains to ensure they deliver on their promises as soon as possible so that the people of Delyn can enjoy the new service.”