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Bagillt Cllr Mike Reece has briefed Delyn MP David Hanson and Sandy Mewies AM on plans to demolish the empty Indian restaurant at Boot End, Bagillt.

David Hanson said:

“This site has been an eyesore for as long as I can remember, it needs tidying and the demolition will improve Boot End.”

Sandy Mewies said:

“Mike Reece has done a great job in raising this and the demolition will be welcome. It is important that this site is now used in a positive way”

Mike Reece said:

“I pledged to get this site tidied up during my election campaign and I am pleased that this is now in progress. It will make a real difference to the visual image of Boot End and I hope it will be welcomed by my constituents.”



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Delyn MP David Hanson looks back on 10 years of the National Minimum Wage and calls for rogue employers who con staff to be exposed.

This July marks 10 years since the introduction of the National Minimum Wage in 1998.  When it came in ten years ago there were some that said it would cost the country 2 million jobs. The reality is totally different.  An extra 3 million jobs have actually been created since then.  Nearly one million low paid employees, two thirds of them women, have benefited from the National Minimum Wage.

David Hanson said:

“I became an MP to fight for the rights of the hard working people in Delyn. Looking back I think this is one of our proudest achievements in Government.

“However, we have not been complacent and have continued to build on this by increasing the minimum wage year on year and bringing in better safeguards at work like paid holidays and the right to request flexible working for parents and carers.

“The Government is also coming down hard on those people that don’t pay workers the minimum wage.  And there are even tougher penalties for rogue employers who con staff as part of the Employment Bill, now before Parliament.

“If you think a rogue employer is not paying up then get in touch with me on 01352 763159 or call the national minimum wage helpline on 0845 6000 678.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson is has welcomed the news that the Government plans to amend regulations so that tips can no longer count towards payment of the National Minimum Wage. 

The changes will end the practice of employers using gratuities and service charges processed through the payroll to ‘top up’ staff wages to meet the £5.52 per hour National Minimum Wage, which rises to £5.73 on 1 October.

Currently, where tips and gratuities are given directly to workers by customers and are retained by the workers without any other party being involved, they cannot count towards NMW payment. Where there is evidence that cover charges, service charges, tips and/or gratuities are paid by the employer to the worker via the payroll then the tip can count towards national minimum wage pay.

In the last year alone the Government helped to restore £3.9 million in arrears to over 19,000 workers and has also increased the enforcement budget for the NMW by £2.9 million.

A consultation on implementing the Government’s recommendations will be launched in the autumn.

Guidance for both workers and employers will be issued following the consultation to ensure a smooth transition when the regulations are changed, which is anticipated to be 2009.

David Hanson said:

“These proposals are certainly very welcome and a good way to celebrate the 10thanniversary of the National Minimum Wage.

“Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK have jobs in sectors where tipping is commonplace. When people leave a tip, in a restaurant or elsewhere, they expect it to go to service staff and as consumers, we’ve got a right to know if that actually happens.

“Under these proposals a tip will not count towards the National Minimum Wage. The Government also wants to encourage employers to make it clear how tips are distributed so that customers know where their money is going and whether or not the establishment operates a fair tipping policy.”

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Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the news that the ABI (Association of British Insurers) and the Government have reached an agreement that ensures flood insurance remains widely available now and in the long term.

The agreement outlines the actions that both Government and the industry will take over the long term. These include:

* Improving understanding of flood risk.

* Government putting in place a long-term investment strategy, which will set out strategic flood prevention aims and assess future policy options and funding needs

* Ensuring that the planning system prevents inappropriate development in flood- risk areas.

* Raising awareness in areas where flood risks are significant, encouraging property owners to take sensible precautions, and providing more information about how to obtain flood insurance.

* Promoting access to home insurance for low-income households.

Implementing these steps should lead to a competitive flood insurance market, without the need for the Statement of Principles, which will therefore end in 2013. Until then, insurers will continue to:

– Make flood insurance for homes and small businesses available under household and commercial insurance, where the flood risk is no worse than a 1 in 75 [1.3%] annual risk.

– Offer flood cover to existing domestic and small business customers at significant flood risk, providing there are plans to reduce the risk to an acceptable level within five years.

David Hanson said:

“There has been significant investment in Flintshire to counter the risk of flooding and I will continue to do all I can to ensure that properties are protected.

“”This agreement ensures that flood cover is available in both the short and long term. I’m pleased that the industry has agreed to work with us to raise awareness and encourage homeowners to take steps to protect their homes where appropriate.

“I know that many constituents who had flooding problems in 2000 in Delyn did have problems with insurance after the event – I hope this agreement will prevent such issues in the future.”