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Labour’s Living Wage

I have recently obtained figures which demonstrate that if Labour had won the General Election 17,333 workers in Flintshire would now be getting a pay rise. This is because Labour promised at the General Election to implement a new £10 an hour real living wage.

The current national minimum wage stands at £7.50 an hour for over 25s. The minority Government calls this a ‘living wage’ but in reality it is barely covering the ever increasing cost of living. UK inflation is currently running at a near four-year high; currently standing at 2.6% for July 2017. Because of this false ‘living wage’ being delivered by the Conservative Government we saw wages only increase by 2.1% in July 2017 – lagging behind inflation.

People are struggling to get by as the cost of food, energy bills and housing continue to increase. Unemployment may have fallen once more in July but the jobs people are gaining are not secure, many on zero hours, which mean that people are having to work several jobs instead of one permanent one.

After seven years in power the Tories are still failing to tackle the cost of living problem that has become endemic in Britain. People in Delyn are having to work several insecure jobs just to make ends meet, instead of having decent employment that gives them and their families the security they deserve.

At the last election I promised that a Labour Government would increase the minimum wage to a real living wage of £10 an hour. This would directly benefit 17,333 workers across Flintshire. We now have a minority Government and that means they need to listen to Labour MPs. It is clear the country wants and deserves a pay rise. If the Conservatives truly care about working people they will increase the minimum wage.

Inflation continues to rise and as the pound continues to fall this problem will only get worse. The cost of importing food, energy and clothing will increase and we need wages to keep pace at the very least. I will be pressing the Government for this wage increase for the upcoming November Budget. A failure by the Tories to implement it demonstrates again that they care little for working people in Delyn.