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Justice Questions: Transformation Rehabilitation

The utter waste of time and money that privatisation of the probation services has delivered is shameful. I called on the Secretary of State for Justice to apologise for this waste. He didn’t.

I also asked how much money had been spent on these failed policies. Again he tried to reverse his way out of a response by selectively quoting figures. Figures that I have been told before in Justice Select Committee hearings and ones that don’t add up.

The Minister states they are not spending as much on Community Rehabilitation Companies – the privatised aspect of probation. Of course that is true because the scheme is being ended early. What I want to know is how much will be spent setting up a new scheme and compensating these companies who have failed. The Ministry of Justice is a lot less forthcoming in these figures. If I had to hazard a guess as to why it would be because it has cost taxpayers a fortune.