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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

Justice Questions: Tackling drug and alcohol abuse

Some of the most chronic reoffenders are those with drug and alcohol addictions. When I was Minister for Justice in the last Labour Government I ensured that we tackled this issue head on and ensured that drug and alcohol rehabilitation orders. We have seen a noticeable drop in the number of orders being placed on people.

The reason why this matters is because revolving door prison sentences are not effective for people with these problems. Short-term prison sentences mean that people do not gain access to the treatment they need and more often than not prison becomes a college of crime. Those sentenced for less serious offences learn more dangerous skills off hardened criminals and then utilise them on the streets when released.

Prison only works if we have the policies in place to make them work. We need to see an increase in drug and alcohol treatment orders to deliver safer communities.