Initial thoughts on Budget 2018

This was a sticking plaster Budget. It did nothing to address the long-term problems created by eight long years of enforced austerity; an austerity that was driven only by ideology and not by facts.

The funding for the North Wales Growth Deal is welcome, but the devil is in the detail. Local councils, businesses, Assembly Members and MPs have worked hard to get support from UK Government. After over three years the £120m is welcome, but still under performs on expectations.

What we needed in this Budget was investment in schools, local government and our public services. What we got was an expert exercise in kicking the can down the road. On police we were told that the Home Secretary will investigate police funding later in the year. On schools, the Government thinks that £10,000 per primary school will be enough. This is a derisible sum that will do nothing to reverse the catastrophic impact of the UK Government’s funding for local government. It is important to note that this funding is for England only and will translate into Barnet Formula funding for the Welsh Government.

There was talk about tax reliefs for those paying Capital Gains tax, but there was no talk of how we redress the imbalance within society or how we eradicate child poverty. Delyn has suffered at the hands of this UK Government. Be it Universal Credit, the Bedroom Tax, and their utter failure on unemployment for North East Wales.

We could have had a Budget that invested in renewable energy and high-tech jobs. It could have been a Budget that supported people in work against the cost of living. We should have seen a Budget that supported small and medium sized businesses grow and invest in their towns. This was a missed opportunity which will place further pressures on people trying to do the right thing.