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Holywell Festival 2017

I was pleased to attend and open the Holywell Festival which was held on Saturday the 1st of July.

Six Centuries ago Henry V walked from Shrewsbury up through Oswestry and ended his journey in Holywell to celebrate his famous victory over the French at Agincourt. Last year a group of walkers followed in his footsteps and recreated the walk. Following on from last year’s walk, Holywell transition group decided to hold another medieval themed festival in the town centre.

Events such as the Holywell Festival are a great way to bring people into the town and to boost local businesses. With more money being spent in local businesses it helps build a platform not only for the businesses but for the local economy

Also I would like to thank Holywell Town Council, and Holywell transition group and the mayor Joe Johnson for dedicating a lot of time and effort to be able to hold events such as the festival.

It was a pleasure to see the turn out for the festival and how proud the community is of its heritage and to show off a brilliant town.