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Hereditary Peers

I was interviewed on Sky News this week to discuss my Bill to remove the remaining 92 hereditary peers from Parliament.

It is completely wrong that 92 people, of which only 1 is a woman, are given a seat for life in Parliament – able to make our laws, question our Ministers and lobby organisations – based on what their Great Grandfather did for a previous monarch.

During the interview we discussed the Viscount Thurso and how he has been able to regenerate himself three times to ensure that he keeps a seat in Parliament. He was first thrown out of the Lords as a hereditary peer when Labour reformed it in 1999. He then renounced his hereditary title to win a seat for the Liberal Democrats in the 2001 General Election. He then lost the 2015 General Election and miraculously rediscovered his blue blood again to gain a seat in the Lords once more.

The hereditary peers make a mockery of Parliament and I will continue to press for my Bill to see them abolished on the stroke of midnight on 31 December 2019.