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Labour secured an opposition day debate this week on the rising levels of inequality and poverty in our country and how this is placing a roadblock to social mobility.

I couldn’t help but raise my utter exasperation that at a time when we keep getting told there is no money left by the UK Government, one of the contenders for the job of Prime Minister – Boris Johnson MP – wants to give a tax cut to those earning between £50-£80,000.

At a time when unemployment in Delyn remains above 1,000 people for 9 consecutive months, over-75s are losing their free TV licences and child poverty in some wards is at 30% I believe there are much better uses for this money.

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On Monday, I asked the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Damian Green MP, on the actions being taken by the Government to tackle youth unemployment.

As you know, recent figures showed that youth unemployment increased in Delyn in January 2017. This was a shocking failure by the UK Government in ensuring that the young people in Delyn have the jobs and opportunities that previous generations have had. If the Government fail to turn round this trend it could lead to a generation of people being locked out of work.

I called on the Government to ensure that the investment into the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ is spread to North Wales. I have been part of the Mersey-Dee Alliance, a group of MPs, Councillors and businesses, who are campaigning for better links with the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

The Secretary of State did not comment on the rise in youth unemployment, which demonstrated to me a Government unwilling to invest in North Wales.