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Brexit Questions: National Security

March 2019 is when we leave the EU. We only have 8 months left and the Government can still not provide the public with details on our security arrangements after Brexit.

EUROPOL and the European Arrest Warrant are key in protecting us. It allows our police to share intelligence with other EU nations and ensures that any criminal that has fled the UK after committing an offence can be brought back to face justice.

You would expect these two factors alone make the UK Government put our relationship with international security bodies front and centre of our negotiations. You would have thought that they would have a position by now. But no. Instead we have a government desperately fighting internal battles for supremacy on Brexit. They are not thinking with the interests of the country in mind only that of their party.

As a former policing and securities minister I can tell you how valuable our cooperation is with EU countries in tackling crime. Losing out on EUROPOL and the European Arrest Warrant will hinder the police’s ability to keep our streets safe.