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Banning Animal Trophies

I have joined Bill Oddie OBE in pledging my support to ban the import of animal trophies to the UK.

British hunters have brought back hundreds of trophies from animals they have killed, many of which face extinction. They include elephants, hippos, bears, baboons, leopards, zebras and lions.

The UK Government promised to ban lion trophy imports after the Cecil the lion scandal but they did nothing.

I have long supported causes that extend protections for animals. We are long overdue the ban on imports of animal trophies to the UK. It is morally wrong to kill some of the most endangered species on the planet for entertainment. But that is what happens today.

Hundreds of lions, zebras and elephants are killed by British tourists overseas and then shipped back to the UK as trophies. The UK Government can easily bring this to an end by fulfilling their promise to ban the import of trophies.

Being able to join Bill Oddie OBE in his campaign against this pointless and cruel sport was really important. I look forward to continue to work with the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting.