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ArchI’ve, Preserve and Conserved campaign

Last week I met with representatives from the Archives and Records Association (ARA) in Parliament to raise awareness of the work that those working in our archives do to keep our history alive.

ARA launched the ‘ArchI’ve Preserved and Conserved’ campaign in the Palace of Westminster on 27 June 2017. The campaign forms part of the annual Explore Your Archive campaign that promotes the range and significance of holdings across the UK documentary heritage sector.

Events under ‘ArchI’ve Preserved and Conserved’ are planned in 2017 in Wales, Scotland, Ireland as well as multiple English cities and regions, such as Cheshire. Experts from all these nations and regions were on hand to showcase archive conservation techniques and skills at the campaign launch, including our very own archive conservator in Flintshire Records Office Mark Allen. Mark specialises in the conservation and renewal of book bindings and parchment and ensures that we can continue to view records that date back as far as the medieval period.

Flintshire Records Office, located in Hawarden, keeps all documents of interest for the county and ensures that our history is kept alive for future generations.

The work Mark and the rest of the team at Flintshire Records Office do in keeping our history alive is second to none. Being able to meet Mark in Westminster to hear of the painstaking work he is undertaking currently to preserve our local documents was fascinating and I hope that everyone who is interested in our history pops into Flintshire Records Office to learn more.

‘ArchI’ve Preserved and Conserved’ demonstrated to MPs why it is so important to keep our documents safe and secure. They were also able to tell me of the opportunities facing the archivists up and down the country. I was interested to hear that Flintshire Records Office also accepts donations of files to be stored if the public are then allowed access to them in the future.

Whether you are a local historian, researching a school or university project, or just interested in what happened where you live I cannot recommend highly enough Flintshire Records Office.

Mark Allen said:

“It was very exciting to hold the event in such an historic building and that David Hanson MP my local representative in Parliament was able to attend. It was a wonderful opportunity to promote our vital role in the protection of the documentary heritage .Without the commitment and dedication of archive conservators, much of this priceless heritage – whether at national, regional or local level – would be in danger.”