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Accessibility at motorway service stations

I have joined the campaign started by Zack Kerr to ensure that each motorway service station has accessible changing facilities for severely disabled people.

Zack is 22 years old, has cerebral palsy – with little movement in his four limbs, cannot speak without an aid and requires constant care. Using his own experiences he has become a formidable local campaigner for disability rights and was down in Parliament today (Wednesday 29 November) with his petition, which at last count had over 100,000 signatures.

North Wales residents with severe disabilities have no access to changing facilities in the region. Instead the closest accessible service station is south of Birmingham two and a half hours away from Flintshire.

The campaigning that Zack has achieved is outstanding and it was a pleasure to meet with him in Parliament to support his campaign. That is where I learnt that accessible changing facilities are non-existent in North Wales and that people with severe disabilities would have to travel somewhere south of Birmingham for decent facilities: this is not acceptable.

There are over 250,000 people in the UK who need access to appropriate toilet facilities and it is wrong for the large motorway service companies who manage the vast number of sites in the UK to ignore the needs of such a large number of people. What we need, and what I am calling for, is for motorway service companies to up their game and install the facilities that people need.