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Working Families could lose £1,300 a Year

On Tuesday the government brought forward proposals to cut Tax Credits for working families. These cuts would impact the vast majority of families in Flintshire. Seeing the average working family lose £1,300 per year.

Statistics produced by the House of Commons Library show that 1,800 families in Delyn are likely to be affected, with no transitional period to adjust to the sudden changes.

Tax Credits were designed by the last Labour government to tackle in-work poverty. Helping struggling families to stay in work and out of unemployment. I believe it is fundamentally wrong for the government to cut these valuable instruments of the social security system.

We need to ensure that the 3,100 children that will be affected by this are given the same opportunities in life as those that are not on Tax Credits. I voted against the motion. It is a sign that this government is forgetting families in Flintshire and not taking into account the impact this change will bring.