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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Work and Pensions Questions: Persistent Poverty

Yesterday, I questioned the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in DWP question about what action he will be taking to ensure that areas with persistent levels of unemployment are given the help they need to get back into work. I also asked if he will work with the newly elected Labour Assembly Government in Wales to achieve a reduction of deprivation in Welsh wards.

Figures show that wards within Flintshire, such as Flint Castle and Holywell Central have persistently high levels of deprivation ranking within the top 10% of wards in Wales.

In response to my Parliamentary Question the Secretary of State said that he was determined to tackle entrenched deprivation within wards in Wales. However, the Government has now been in power for 6 years, and it is only through the work of the Welsh Assembly Government have positive steps been made.

The previous Welsh Assembly governments have worked hard to ensure poverty and unemployment is tackled. They have been able to make impressive steps forward, but the UK Government has been slow to react.

I called upon the Secretary of State to work with the newly elected Labour Assembly Government to build upon their successes and reduce deprivation in wards in Flintshire and around Wales. It is plainly wrong that people are being left behind and unable to obtain a job and security for their families.

The Secretary of State spoke eloquently about working with the Welsh Assembly Government. But we have heard it before. I will hold the Government to account according to their deeds, not their words.

In Delyn the UK Government needs to support efforts to reduce unemployment in the highest deprivation wards – more can be done.