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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Women and Equalities Questions: Tampon Tax

I called on the Financial Secretary of the Treasury to abolish the Tampon Tax. VAT on sanitary products is not justifiable. As it stands the law states that sanitary products are a ‘luxury item’ and therefore come under VAT rules. This is plain wrong and the Government should act now to remove this regressive tax.

The Financial Secretary stated that he believed the Government’s actions were enough. I strongly disagree. We are a modern society, yet some of our practices are backwards and do not place equality at their very core.

The Government has noted that they have written a letter to the EU Commission, which is not enough. I hope that the EU rules will be changed, but then I believe the Government should ensure the funding they currently provide to domestic violence services is met by general taxation. The whole of society should hold this problem.