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Welsh Labour Launch Campaign to Remain in the EU

Today, Welsh Labour launched its campaign to remain in the European Union.

I joined the campaign and will be helping support a yes vote to remain in the European Union.

The Labour Party will be campaigning to show what we have gained, and will continue to gain, through being a member of the European Union. Including strengthened workers’ rights, such as maternity and paternity leave, and protected our valued trade unions rights.

But one of the most striking benefits of being in the largest trading block the world has ever seen is the jobs that it brings.

Nearly 200,000 jobs rely on trade with the European Union. Large employers are located in Wales because of our high skilled and motivated workforce, and because we are an integral member of the European Union.

Wales benefits by over £838m every single year, money invested into local communities, supporting infrastructure, Welsh businesses and farmers.

Being a member of the EU delivers jobs and investment into north Wales. It gives Wales a strong voice in the largest trading block in the world. Ensuring that our vital industries are protected and promoted.

Not only does being a respected member of the EU bring economic benefits, but it brings social ones as well. Our maternity and paternity rights have been improved because of being part of the EU, in addition to other vital workers’ rights.

Flintshire resident will have to look at all sides of this argument when the vote comes, but I wanted to support todays launch as I think this issue is the most important vote in my lifetime and wales can’t afford to get it wrong.