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Wales Left Behind when it comes to 4G Mobile Signal

Recently, Ofcom launched their online Mobile Coverage Checker to help consumers check the coverage they could expect anywhere in the UK. Their interactive maps show coverage for voice calls, 3G and 4G data connections. This data is from the four UK mobile phone network providers.

Ofcom are encouraging people to visit their website to check their coverage. They will also be able to give feedback and improve the data Ofcom provides.

When looking at the coverage for voice calls for Wales, one can see that coverage is nearly complete, bar the mountainous regions. 3G signal is inconsistent at best, with the south and north of Wales receiving some coverage. But even that is patchy, with areas around Flintshire having no network coverage. 4G is non-existent across vast swathes of Wales. With only Cardiff and Swansea having complete coverage.

Wales is being left behind again when it comes to technology. We are still struggling to get broadband in North Wales, and having no access to 4G makes a bad situation worse.

How is Wales supposed to develop and grow its businesses when it is excluded from using new technology like 4G? There are 143,438 people employed in North Wales and each and every one of them just wants to have decent internet access on their phones.

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport must do more to ensure the whole of the UK benefits from the advances in mobile communications.

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