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Visiting Hafod Brewery in Mold

On Friday, I visited the Hafod Brewing Company, Mold in a drive to raise awareness and support our brewing industry. It was also an opportunity to celebrate Hafod’s 5th anniversary.

Hafod was founded by head brewer Phill Blanchard, who has created over 50 different beers, from Iron Age ale to IPA’s, all from the four ingredients found in a good ale: malted barley, hops, water and yeast.

It is a small family-run brewery based on two sites in Mold. The original 1 barrel brewery now operates as a test bed for new brews as well as making some of their small batch beers, like Dubbel, Hammer and Moel Fenlli Honey Ale.

Hafod Brewing Company has now started brewery tours which can be booked here:

I have long supported businesses with a link to brewing. He has campaigned in parliament to give extra protections to our pubs as they are vital hubs of the community. Breweries are no less important and Delyn has made itself a centre of food and drink excellence in Wales – if not the UK.

It was a pleasure to meet with Phill to discuss his brewery. Meeting Phill you can tell just how passionate he is about his product and how dedicated he is to brewing the perfect pint. I found it fascinating to witness first-hand how many processes are needed in brewing and would encourage people to book a tour on his website.

I have long been a supporter of our small businesses, like Phill’s, because they are the beating heart of our communities. They make sure that industries, such as brewing, thrive. Especially when large businesses are not interested in keeping them going.

Delyn has become a centre of food and drink expertise and I will always be a strong advocate of this vital industry both in parliament and out. I wish Phill all the best with the brewery and hope he continues with the excellent work.

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