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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Urgent Questions: EU Nationals

Yesterday, I asked the Minister of State for Immigration, James Brokenshire MP, what action he will be taking to ensure that foreign nationals are given a clear indication if they will have the right to remain in the UK following the EU referendum.

This follows the uncertainty of the EU referendum where the Government have not been able to give a clear answer to if EU nationals, who already live and work in the UK, will be given leave to remain. I have many constituents who are EU migrants, or are married to, or expected children with EU nationals. This uncertainty is worrying and needs clarifying.

The Minister gave a convoluted answer, but not one that answered the matter in hand. We are none the wiser if the Government will pledge to allow EU nationals leave to remain.

This will be an issue that I will continue to pressure the Government on in the weeks and months ahead.