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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Urgent Question: Dietary Advice/Childhood Obesity Strategy

On Monday, an Urgent Question was granted by Mr. Speaker on the governments childhood obesity strategy. This question was granted because of statistics showing the scale of the problem the UK is facing when it comes to obesity.

As you will probably be aware this is a devolved issue, but I wanted to make sure that the Government were aware of how vital it is for them to work closely with the Welsh Assembly on this issue.

I told that Minister that border constituencies like Delyn will see people receiving adverts from England and buying products like sugary drinks across the border. Meaning that they will be paying for the sugar levy, but potentially not seeing the benefits of the proceeds of said levy.

I support the sugar levy as it will act as an incentive for companies to drastically reduce the sugar in their products to remain price competitive. Moreover, the proceeds from this levy can be used to invest in school sports facilities and leisure centres to help improve the health of millions of Britons.

The Minister assured me that he will work closely with the Assembly Government. But I will continue to watch how the Government proceed on this issue and pressure them if they fail to follow their word.