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UPDATE: Superfast Broadband Rollout

I am disappointed and concerned about the speed superfast broadband has been rolled out to Delyn.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport recently updated Members of Parliament with figures showing the number of new premises in their constituencies that have been connected to superfast broadband. Since the last figures were released in January only 402 more properties have been connected.

There are approximately 32,088 premises in the constituency, meaning that only 1.25% more premises have been connected in the 3 months since the last figures. In total 17,098 properties are now connected to superfast broadband in Delyn.

Superfast broadband rollout was pledged by the Minister of State, Ed Vaizey MP, in the previous parliament. This was advertised by the Minister as a huge step forward in connecting homes and businesses to superfast broadband. However, the progress has been slow in rural communities and communities in Wales.

The Government have allocated £69 million of funding to this scheme.

With 47% of businesses and homes in Delyn still not connected to superfast broadband in Delyn we are being left behind as technology advances. It is thoroughly disappointing that only 402 extra premises have been connected since January.

Businesses desperately need to be connected to superfast broadband as banking, tax returns and product sales move online. North Wales businesses are being let down by an ineffectual scheme run by the UK Government. This is holding back innovation and growth in our local economy.

Families are unable to enjoy everything services like the BBC have to offer or able to do online banking. Homes need to be connected to superfast broadband now and the current pace at which this scheme is being rolled out will take years to complete. Once again the UK Government is letting down north Wales and undermining the competitive edge of our businesses in the digital economy.