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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Transport Questions: Manchester Airport Rail Link

Today, I urged the Minister of State for Transport to invest into the plans being proposed by the Mersey-Dee Alliance and build rail links between north Wales and Manchester Airport.

Investment into this rail link is desperately needed. It would have the duel benefit of speeding traffic to Manchester Airport and of removing traffic off the M56 motorway. This will reduce congestion and reduce emissions from vehicles, as vehicles standing still produce far worse emissions than those travelling.

The Minister said that this is just the sort of project that should be implemented. He noted that better connections between road, rail and air improve the lives of people in the UK and strengthen our economy.

I hope that the government will not only provide warm words to this proposal by the Mersey-Dee Alliance but will take action to link north Wales to Manchester Airport. Investment into rail is desperately needed to link us with Liverpool and Manchester. Without it people will continue to struggle to get to work, spend time in two of our great cities and catch a flight to go on holiday.

I will continue to work with the Mersey-Dee Alliance and my colleagues to ensure that we get the investment north Wales deserves.