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Tory MP’s attempt to stop off shore wind projects in north Wales withdrawn after Delyn MP highlights industry benefits

David Hanson MP for Delyn today helped stop an attempt by Conservative MP Christopher Chope to stop all off shore wind projects after he highlighted the benefits of the industry to north Wales.

Speaking in Westminster Mr Hanson argued against the Bill which would have outlawed offshore wind projects such as those developed at Gwynt y mor, Burbo bank and north Hoyle off Liverpool bay.  The MP for Delyn highlighted the benefits of offshore wind for our environment and in helping meet internationally agreed climate targets, as well as the large boost it provides to local businesses and the north Wales economy.

Speaking after the debate David Hanson MP said:

“Offshore wind projects are an important part of generating energy in an environmentally responsible way, and of developing and sustaining our manufacturing industry and local economy. The Conservative bill would have posed a real threat to the jobs of people here in Flintshire and our environmental future so I was glad to be able to argue to get the bill withdrawn.”