Tidal Lagoons

I have joined 106 other MPs to sign a letter to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary of State Greg Clark calling for the Government to respond to the recommendations of the Hendry Review on Tidal Lagoons, and in particular Charles Hendry’s call for a pathfinder Tidal Lagoon, as soon as possible.

The Hendry review took place primarily to investigate if the UK Government should be actively supporting this new green energy resource. The report focused on the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon, but it will have positive implications for Flintshire and north Wales.

The Hendry review made 30 conclusions, including:

• The technology would “contribute positively” towards the UK’s decarbonisation goals;
• It was “beyond question” that local economic regeneration would follow a tidal lagoon;
• It offers “significant economic opportunity” for Wales and the UK;
• The potential impact on consumer bills of large scale tidal lagoons “appears attractive, particularly when compared to nuclear projects” in the long term;
• A high level of monitoring of environmental impacts would still be needed;
• A Tidal Power Authority should oversee the new industry; and
• Competitive tendering for future projects “to deliver the most substantial cost reductions” – similar to the nuclear industry.

Only recently have I met with stakeholders pushing for a new tidal lagoon in the north Wales and questioned the Government on its approach towards the Hendry review. If the tidal lagoon would go ahead it would bring with it jobs and investment to our coastline.

The Hendry Review puts in place a clear pathway for deliverance of Tidal Lagoons in the UK. It is now for the UK Government to adopt them and start the process of construction. This will bring jobs and investment to North Wales, not to mention a supply of clean renewable energy.

The letter I signed shows that there is a large amount of support in Parliament for Tidal Lagoons. Now more than ever we need inwards investment into the renewables sector as the price of gas, coal and oil continues to climb. We are already a world leader in offshore wind technology in North Wales and I want us to now claim the title of experts in Tidal Lagoon technology.

I will continue to pressure the Government to adopt the proposals in the Hendry Review and more importantly for the pathfinder Tidal Lagoon to be located in North Wales.