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The Government needs to improve energy efficiency in homes throughout the UK

I am calling on the Government to improve the quality and energy efficiency of UK homes.

UK homes are amongst some of the least energy efficient in Europe, with low energy efficiency and high energy costs being particularly problematic in rural areas. Not only is the housing stock in rural areas, like Flintshire, usually older and less well insulated, they are heated by oil. A fuel that has to be bought in bulk placing a huge cost on families.

Early Day Motion 761 is calling on the Government to put in place ambitious targets to deliver a range of multiple measure, in particular for low income homes, thereby helping householders to pay their bills.

Not only would improving home energy efficiency lower peoples heating bills, but it would help increase the UKs energy security.

In Flintshire there are many businesses who specialised in insulating homes and a concerted effort by Government would help them grow; bringing with it jobs.

Many people in rural communities, like ours in Flintshire, struggle to heat their homes. This problem is made worse with the poor quality of insulation in their homes.

If the Government focused on improving our housing energy efficiency it would see peoples bills cut dramatically and be a massive boon to our local economy.

It is shameful that people are unable to heat their homes. The Government can, and should, do a lot more to help the people of Flintshire in making their homes more energy efficient.