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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

The Government Must Tackle Arms Supply to ISIL/Daesh

During Defence Questions yesterday, I asked the Secretary of State, Michael Fallon MP, what action the Government is taking ensure that the munitions and ammunitions cannot be supplied to ISIL/Daesh.

Only a comprehensive strategy will be able to stop ISIL/Daesh. It stands to reason that they are not only receiving their weaponry internally, but from a combination of pariah states and illegal cartels. If we do not cut these supply routes, through an international effort, then ISIL/Daesh will continue to reign terror in the region, and across the world.

This follows my question last week to the Prime Minister. In which I asked what measures the Government is taking to end revenue streams, through the sale of natural resources on the black market, to ISIL/Daesh. Jeremy Corbyn pushed the Prime Minister further during Prime Ministers Questions the following day. Jeremy understands, as do I, that as long as funding still reaches ISIL/Daesh it will remain difficult to complete our aim to remove this murderous cult from the world.