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The Flint Ladies Choir Recital in Parliament

On Monday I hosted The Flint Ladies Choir at the Houses of Parliament for a recital to mark the beginning of St. David’s Day week.

The Flint Ladies’ Choir is an all-female choir based in Flint. They were established in 2013 having their first ever rehearsal on February 14th of that year. They quickly grew to a staggering membership of around 80 choristers and have now got a permanent membership of 68, with many of the original ladies who came to the first rehearsal.

They are directed by Gareth Furnival Hughes who has helped the choir develop to a high standard over the years he has been with the Choir.

On the 29 February, I arranged for the Choir to perform for in the Houses of Parliament to MPs, Peers and staff of both Houses. The Ladies also enjoyed a full tour of Parliament.

The Ladies kicked off St. David’s Day week celebrations for Westminster with their recital.

I am delighted to have hosted The Flint Ladies’ Choir in Parliament. They are excellent singers and more importantly they have formed great friendships through the Choir.

Being able to kick start St. David’s Day week in Parliament with a choir from our community was a real honour. We were able to show the talent that the people of Flintshire have and how we are an important area for arts and culture.

The Ladies sung their hearts out. Their performance included a range of classics and modern songs. All of which were pitch perfect and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house for “Fields of Gold”.

Melanie Buckley from The Flint Ladies Choir said:

“We, at The Flint Ladies Choir, are still in a total head spin about our whole experience of the day. It was such an honour and a pleasure to perform in the Houses of Parliament and receive the welcome and the tour that David so kindly invited us to, it almost seems surreal.

“This will be a talking point for many years to come and the most prestigious invitation that we have received to date, it will take some beating for sure!!

“We would like to thank David and his staff for this wonderful experience.