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Violent crime has risen from 700,000 in 2009 to 1.3 million in 2018. The reduction of 20,000 plus police officers from the beat between 2010 and now shows what happens when you cut the police to the bone.

The minister then decided to challenge me on my record as policing minister. I was more than happy to defend Labour’s record in Government. We had more police officers, invested in after school activities, supported the NHS and ensured that we tackled gang culture at its roots. These ensured that we tackled a spike in knife crime head on. The minister is having to reinvent the wheel after his Government took a sledgehammer to my policies. This is time wasted and lives lost because of incompetence by the UK Government.

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Yet again I asked the Home Office minister if we will remain a member of EUROPOL next April or if we would have to recruit to replace the lost expertise and workforce.

The minister talks about hopes and desires to secure a similar relationship. Let’s be clear: EUROPOL is vital for our national security. We are the second biggest contributor to it and a sizeable number of its policies originate from UK policing standards.

The outgoing Welsh born director of EUROPOL, Rob Wainwright, has already signalled his fear of our loss of influence if we leave the organisation and I agree with him. We need to maintain strong cooperation with our European allies and losing EUROPOL is a surefire way to hasten this demise.

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I condemn the new recorded crime figures released today (25 January 2018) which show that crime in North Wales is at its highest point in seven years.

Total crime in North Wales has increased by 6.77% since September 2010. Going from 42,632 cases in September 2010 to 45,521 cases in September 2017. The following crimes are now at a seven year high:

• Domestic Burglary: Increased 32.70%
• Homicide: Increased 18.18%
• Crimes against society: Increased 52.33%
• Sexual Offences: Increased 288.31%
• Theft from a person: Increased 31.30%
• Violence with injury: Increased 48.56%
• Violence without injury: Increased 156.48%
Read more “Recorded Crime Statistics: September 2017”

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Protecting ourselves from crime by giving the police and security agencies the resources they need is of utmost importance. That is why at Home Office Questions I pressured the Government to commit to retain the European Arrest Warrant, cooperation with European police forces and to use all our powers to bring those who have committed crimes to justice.