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Labour held an Opposition Day Debate calling on the Government to halt its plans to cap help with housing costs for tenants of supported housing at the local housing allowance rate and instead adopt a system which safeguards the long-term future and funding of supported housing.

Although housing is devolved in Wales whatever spending commitments are made in England have to be matched in funding for the Welsh Assembly. Therefore the introduction of this cap would have meant less money for us in Wales.

I pressed the Government to make commitments to work with the Welsh Assembly and secure with them the funding we need for people living in supported housing.

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On Wednesday, Labour held an Opposition Day Debate on prison safety and reform. As many of you will know, I am one of the two rapporteurs for prisons in the Justice Select Committee and a former Prisons Minister in the last Labour Government.

At the end of 2016 there didn’t seem to be a week go by without a prison riot erupting in various parts of the country. There were prison riots in HMP Swaleside, Birmingham, Lewes, Bedford, Hull and Moorlands. This came about due to the inadequacy of support from the Government to our prison officers and the system as a whole. Read more “Opposition Day Debate: Prison Safety and Reform”