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Yet again I asked the Home Office minister if we will remain a member of EUROPOL next April or if we would have to recruit to replace the lost expertise and workforce.

The minister talks about hopes and desires to secure a similar relationship. Let’s be clear: EUROPOL is vital for our national security. We are the second biggest contributor to it and a sizeable number of its policies originate from UK policing standards.

The outgoing Welsh born director of EUROPOL, Rob Wainwright, has already signalled his fear of our loss of influence if we leave the organisation and I agree with him. We need to maintain strong cooperation with our European allies and losing EUROPOL is a surefire way to hasten this demise.

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On Monday, I asked the Minister of State for Police, Brandon Lewis MP, about the forthcoming police grant settlement.

The grant settlement is where central government provides a grant to police to perform their duties. The remaining gap between the needs of the police and the grant is made up with local government taxation, like council tax.

The projected central government grant income for North Wales police for 2017/18 is set, once again, to be cut. That means that since 2010/11 the Government has cut funding to North Wales police by a little under £4.5 million. The only way for our police to fulfill their duties and provide the protection that we need is to ask local government for more contributions. This sees council tax rates rise to compensate for the Government’s cuts. Read more “Home Office Questions: Police Funding Settlement”