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I have joined Bill Oddie OBE in pledging my support to ban the import of animal trophies to the UK.

British hunters have brought back hundreds of trophies from animals they have killed, many of which face extinction. They include elephants, hippos, bears, baboons, leopards, zebras and lions.

The UK Government promised to ban lion trophy imports after the Cecil the lion scandal but they did nothing.

I have long supported causes that extend protections for animals. We are long overdue the ban on imports of animal trophies to the UK. It is morally wrong to kill some of the most endangered species on the planet for entertainment. But that is what happens today.

Hundreds of lions, zebras and elephants are killed by British tourists overseas and then shipped back to the UK as trophies. The UK Government can easily bring this to an end by fulfilling their promise to ban the import of trophies.

Being able to join Bill Oddie OBE in his campaign against this pointless and cruel sport was really important. I look forward to continue to work with the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting.

By David Hanson MP / Latest News / / 0 Comments

I am proud to support Labour’s new UK wide animal welfare plan, which was launched today.

The 50 point draft policy document, ‘Animal Welfare For The Many, Not The Few’, outlines measures for animal welfare, domestic pets, factory farming and slaughterhouses, wild animals, animals in sport, animals used in research as well as the appointment of an Animal Welfare Commissioner.

This is the next stage in Labour’s animal welfare agenda and seeks feedback on some of the measures we would seek to bring in under the next Labour government. Read more “Labour’s Animal Welfare Plan”

I am lending mysupport to calls for a UK ivory ban to help protect elephants from further slaughter for the illegal ivory trade.

Recently I attended an event at Westminster organised by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Endangered Species to highlight the elephant poaching crisis and public support for a UK ivory ban. I was able to view some of the many ivory items recently donated by members of the public to IFAW’s UK ivory surrender.

IFAW invited people to surrender their own ivory to be destroyed as part of a campaign to close the UK’s ivory market and save this iconic species from the threat of extinction. The surrender has received overwhelming support from the UK public with almost 500 ivory items weighing around 150kgs donated in just a few months.

Philip Mansbridge, UK Director of IFAW, said: Read more “Supporting calls for UK ivory ban to protect elepants”

This week (5th December) Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity – invited a host of MPs and Peers, including myself to its annual House of Commons reception, where the charity – who coined the famous slogan – ‘A dog is for Life, not just for Christmas’ asked MPs for their support in the fight against Puppy Smuggling.

Dogs Trust has been investigating the problem since 2014, and through three undercover investigations has found that unscrupulous breeders take advantage of, and profit from issues with the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). As a result, underage puppies are being illegally imported into Great Britain from Central and Eastern Europe, and sold to unsuspecting members of the public.

Over the last few months, nearly 100 dogs were seized by APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) at the borders, as dealers take advantage of the increased demand for puppies in the run up to Christmas. Dogs Trust has found that of the puppies who do survive the appalling conditions they are forced to travel in, many require emergency treatment – with dehydration and malnutrition among the horrific conditions they suffer from as a result of travelling for thousands of miles in cramped conditions, with no food or water.

Thanks to quick intervention and expert care from the Puppy Pilot scheme, Dogs Trust has been able to save 94% of the puppies coming into care. 6% sadly passed away. Dogs Trust has also seen examples of heavily pregnant dogs coming into Great Britain, showing that breeders are stooping even lower to flout the system, with no regard for the welfare of the mum or her puppies.
Dogs Trust has warned that although there is a rise in puppies illegally imported during the festive season, illegally imported puppies is a huge issue all year round. The organisation has issued advice to help anyone thinking of buying a puppy, to know what to look for, in a bid to stop buyers unwittingly fuelling the trade. The charity has also issued a plea to anyone thinking of getting a dog, to do their research or consider rehoming instead. Read more “Supporting Dogs Trust anti-puppy smuggling campaign”