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Supporting Offshore Wind Week

Today, I welcomed three apprentices from Flintshire to Parliament to celebrate offshore wind week.

The UK is the global leader in offshore wind power, with more offshore wind farms than any other country in the world and the potential for more is vast. Offshore wind is already supplying 4% of electricity demand and by 2025 could meet the electricity needs of half of all UK homes. By 2030 offshore wind can easily meet 35% of UK electricity demand. We are now building wind farms as large as gas power stations, some over 100km from the coast.

The power output of our windfarms is increasing year on year as the UK finds windier sites offshore and optimise the technology, at the same time the UK supply chain is growing and starting to export. The sector has already delivered £9.5bn of large infrastructure projects.

The UK is creating long-term skilled jobs in coastal towns across the country, with 13,000 jobs already in the sector. Offshore wind works, and North Wales is becoming the centre of green technology in Britain.

Meeting Darren, Fiona and Mike showed me why offshore windfarms are so important. They are securing jobs and lowering our carbon emissions. I hope this week will raise awareness of Flintshire’s importance in the renewables sector and that we can secure a lot more apprenticeships for more people in North Wales.