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Supporting Alzheimer’s UK Campaign

Today, I met with representatives from Alzheimer’s UK to support them in their work to help people who care for those with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society’s new campaign is investigating the experiences of people affected by dementia in hospitals. This drop-in session will give you the opportunity to find out more about the campaign and see how hospitals throughout England are performing.

Researchers and policy experts from Alzheimer’s Society were present to answer questions, as well as people with dementia and carers.

Even though this campaign is for care in England to be improved, many constituents of Mr. Hanson use dementia services in England and are being directly affected by these failings.

In a 2015 poll over 570 carers, families and friends of people with dementia:

• Only 2% said that in their experience all hospital staff in England understood the specific needs of people with dementia
• 57% said that felt the person they care for was not treated with understanding and dignity in hospital in England
• 90% said they felt the person with dementia became more confused while in hospital in England
• 92% thought hospital environments in England were frightening for the person with dementia.

Dementia is one of the most pressing health issues of our time, and we must ensure that we provide world class care for those with this disease.

Not only must we ensure that those receiving care are helped, but those who provide care are supported. Many families take on the responsibility of caring for those with dementia without any help or support. This places tremendous pressure on families.

Alzheimer’s UK campaign, Fix Dementia Care, is one that I fully support. People who live in north Wales use the NHS in England and this directly affects them. I urge the UK Government to give the support so desperately needed.