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Superfast Broadband will take 45 years to reach all Delyn premises

I am deeply disappointed by the UK Government’s failure to roll out superfast broadband to homes in Flintshire. Every quarter the Department of Culture, Media and Sport produce a report for MPs on the roll out of the government backed scheme to connect homes to superfast broadband.

The Department’s own figures show that only an additional 82 homes and businesses have been connected to superfast broadband via the government funded scheme. Going from 17,098 premises in December 2015 to 17,180 in March 2016.

It is an even more worrying picture when you look at the number of buildings connected via commercial deployment. In December 2015 it stood at 9,303 and in March 2016 that figure stood at 9,303. An increase of precisely zero.

When you take into account that the number of premises in Delyn, which is approximately 32,088, we can see that the Government has only been able to connect a further 0.25% of homes and businesses in Delyn.

The figures also show that a shocking 1,723 premises in Delyn have internet speeds of less than 10Mbps. That means it will take over 1 hour to download a movie at that speed.

Once again I am deeply disappointed with the UK Government’s inability to connect rural communities like ours to superfast broadband. If the Government continue to only connect 82 premises a quarter it will take 45 years to connect all 32,088 homes and businesses in Delyn.

The Government announced in the Queen’s Speech the Digital Economy Bill. However, I fail to see how the Government are hoping to succeed with a new piece of legislation when they are failing so dismally to get Delyn connected to Superfast broadband as it stands.

I believe that the Government should be working more closely with private enterprise to encourage faster roll out of superfast broadband. It is not right or fair that businesses and homes in Delyn still get average speeds of 10Mbps. Locking us out of being able to use digital technology to its full potential.