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Statement: Brexit Negotiation

On Monday, I questioned the Prime Minister, during a statement on her recent talks in Brussels, about her plans to protect the UKs security following Brexit.

I am particularly concerned about the prisoner transfer agreement, EUROPOL and the European Arrest Warrant being at threat because of Brexit. All of these key international security agreements give our police the tools they need to tackle crime, and individuals who commit crimes effectively.

If the UK was to lose these agreements post-Brexit it could be potentially damaging to our ability to send back criminals to their native country, track down criminals who have fled the UK and smash organised crime cartels that operate across borders. As a former Home Officer Minister and Justice Minister I have seen first hand how these weapons against crime work effectively in bringing about justice.

The Prime Minister, once again, did not provide a detailed response to the House of Commons. She instead chose to inform the House that the main topics that were discussed at the summit were Russia, migration and trade. Noting that the negotiations will take place separately.

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