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Solar Rescue Plan

The UKs most popular energy source is fighting for its survival. High profile solar companies are folding or planning to leave the UK. Yesterday, I pledged my support for the campaign to the Solar Power Industry.

If the government fails to support the solar power industry it is estimated 27,000 jobs will be lost. Moreover, the UK will lag behind the rest of the world who are taking huge strides forward in supporting new renewable technological advances.

The campaign is calling for the government to help support the solar industry be not scrapping the Feed-in-Tariff. The government’s own figures demonstrate that their plans will take away 98% of resources given to the solar industry. All we need to save our solar industry is £1 a year to electricity bills. That’s a mere 8p a month.

North Wales is a hub of solar technology in the UK, and we are seeing the full effects of this dramatic change in government policy.

The solar panel industry generates many jobs right here in North Wales. The loss of which will be sorely felt. Not only will the cuts to the Feed-in-Tariff undermine the strength of our local economy, it puts at risk our targets to cut our greenhouse emissions.

Climate change is the biggest threat facing the world. The UK is blessed with a variety of different renewables and failure to harness them would be short-sighted. I’m calling on the government to reverse its position and help save our solar industry.

8p a month offers excellent value for money, as it will secure jobs and the future of our environment.