Signing the Green Alliance Environment Pledge

Today, I signed the Green Alliance environment pledge.

The pledge has been signed by over 150 other MPs so far from all political parties. The pledge is determined to ensure that law makers are all calling for:

• The UK to be established as a world leader on the environment by committing to match or exceed current environmental, wildlife and habitat protections;
• Ensure the UK leads on climate change by publishing robust low carbon investment plans and ratifying the Paris Agreement this year; and
• Create a countryside richer in nature by supporting farmers and landowners to deliver environmental benefits alongside a thriving farming sector.

Currently, the UK is a world leader in wind energy with 2.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent energy being produced by wind farms in 2014. The low carbon energy sector accounts for 140,800 jobs in the UK and turns over £33.3bn. In total there are 3,350 firms operating in the low carbon energy sector in the UK. This shows that the UK energy sector is moving in the right direction, but the Government has already announced large cuts to subsidies to this fledgling industry putting jobs and our climate at risk.

In Delyn, the Port of Mostyn is a hub for the offshore wind farming industry. This base is supporting apprenticeships and jobs for our communities. These are highly skilled jobs that pay a decent wage with long-term career prospects.

I have signed this pledge because climate change is the biggest threat facing our way of life. If we do not seize the moment and invest and support our low carbon energy sector will be leaving the next generation with problems unseen in human history.

Delyn is a hub of international expertise for offshore wind. It is providing world-beating jobs that provide a decent days pay with a long-term career. The Government need to rethink its plans to roll back support for low carbon energy as it will put these jobs at risk.

I want us to be proud that Britain is the best in the world when it comes to climate change. We need to be able to stand on the world stage showing other nations what a success environmental policy can have on your economy, society and international reputation. But this can only be done if we push ahead with greater environmental protections and climate change targets.

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