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Recorded Crime Falls – Hanson

Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the latest police recorded crime statistics which shows that crime has fallen by nine per cent. The British Crime Survey (BCS) also shows that crime in England and Wales has remained stable.


The recorded crime quarterly update to September 2007 shows:


* Total recorded crime down 9 per cent
* Domestic burglary down 8 per cent
* Offences against vehicles down 12 per cent
* Violence against the person down 8 per cent
* Robbery down 17 per cent
* Drug offences up 21 per cent – the rise in this and previous quarters coincided with increases in the police use of powers to issue cannabis warnings


The BCS in the year to September 2007 showed no change in the overall levels of perceived anti-social behaviour. Public confidence in the Criminal Justice System decreased in two of the seven different aspects of the CJS asked about: being effective at reducing crime and in dealing with young people accused of crime. Confidence in the local police increased in the year to September 2007 (up from 51% to 52 per cent compared with the previous year).


David Hanson said:


“These latest figures are encouraging and show that whilst the British Crime Survey suggests that levels of crime are stable, the number of recorded crimes are down by nine per cent.


“Here in North Wales the police do an outstanding job and I will continue to work closely alongside them to drive crime down further across Flintshire.”