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Proposed Closure of HSBC Holywell Branch

Today, I received a letter from HSBC stating their intention to close down the Holywell branch on Friday 19 May 2017. This news comes just weeks after the announcement that NatWest will be closing its branch in Holywell.

HSBC announced via email that they will be closing 9 branches across Wales as “93% of customers’ contact with the bank is now completed via the telephone, internet or smartphone, and 97% of cash withdrawals are made via ATM.”

People who bank with HSBC are being informed by the bank that they should travel 9 miles to Mold or even further to Prestatyn or Shotton. Staff are being informed of the closure and HSBC “will work with them to find them alternative opportunities” with them.

Customers who bank in the Holywell branch will be contacted by the bank and their accounts automatically transferred to the Mold branch upon closure.

This is a deeply disappointing decision by yet another bank in Holywell. The forthcoming closure of the NatWest branch should have demonstrated to all banks operating in the area just how much our community relies on these branches. This is another blow to Holywell, a town that deserves better from its banks.

The information released by HSBC states that Mold is only 9 miles away and therefore creates no trouble for its customers to move branches. This does not take into account those without access to a car or with limited resources and mobility. The reason why town branches work so well is that they ensure that everyone can have easy access to a bank account.

I will writing to the Head of retail banking of HSBC demanding that this decision is reversed as well as the regional director of operations. This decision must be overturned to ensure that people can gain easy access to their bank accounts and businesses can operate smoothly in Holywell.

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