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Police Numbers Up in North Wales

Delyn MP and Policing Minister David Hanson has welcomed the latest figures on police numbers that show the number of officers in North Wales has increased over the last year.

In September 2009 there were twenty more officers serving communities across North Wales then there were in September 2008. 

Across the UK overall numbers are up by 536 to 142,688 as at September 2009 from March 2009. An increase of 16,863 since 1997 – at 13.4%.

The Pre-Budget Report announced that sufficient funding will be provided to allow police authorities to maintain numbers of police officers, police community support officers and other staff exercising police powers in the years 2012/13.  A £259m increase in funding to the police in 2010/11 has already been announced.

David Hanson said:

“I am pleased to see the increase in police numbers in North Wales and across the UK there are now 16,863 more officers serving our communities then there were in 1997.

“This increase is helping to make our communities safer by working to fight crime, tackle anti-social behaviour and further increase public confidence

“This Government has a very strong record in tackling crime, with crime down by 36% since 1997. Last weeks figures showed a further fall in crime with police recorded crime down in England and Wales by eight per cent with burglary, robbery and violence all down.

“During the last Tory recession in the 1990s, acquisitive crime – burglary, robbery and theft – rose by 19 per cent in 1990 and 18 per cent in 1991.

“We have been prepared to make the necessary investments in the police force and have working hard to establish and develop a neighbourhood policing strategy which has seen the introduction of 16,000 Police Community Support Officers. These officers have made a huge difference and the Tories refuse to match our pledge to protect them.

“Our priority is to protect the frontline and to maintain a focus on achieving value for money.  Forces and authorities must increase productivity at the frontline in order to deliver more for the same.”