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PM Statement on European Council Meeting

On Monday, the Prime Minister, Theresa May MP, made a statement to the House of Commons following her meeting in Brussels with other European leaders.

I asked the Prime Minister if she would confirm that remaining within the European Arrest Warrant, EUROJUST and EUROPOL will be in the interests of the UK.

As you know, I believe that UK dramatically benefits from being part of these law enforcement agencies and protocols and if we were to leave them it would place our security and safety at risk. Not only that but it would undermine the security and safety of the whole European region. The UK is well placed on security matters as we are a signatory to ‘Five Eyes’ – this allows us to share information with the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This information sharing on organised crime and terrorism ensures that we have the edge over criminals or those who wish to harm us. But we must dovetail this with remaining a member of EUROPOL, the European Arrest Warrant and EUROJUST. That way we continue to benefit from ‘Five Eyes’, helping our neighbours, and from the European security schemes.

The Prime Minister stopped short of guaranteeing that we would remain a part of these vital organisations – of which many we were the founders of. I will continue to press the Government to protect citizens through membership of European security services.

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