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Pledging support for victims of crime

Yesterday, attended a Victim Support showcase in Parliament to pledge his support for victims of crime in North Wales.

Victim Support (VS) provides specialist, confidential and personalised support to help victims from across North Wales recover from the physical and psychological effects of crime. Their services are free and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened.

Figures shown to me at the event demonstrated how the VS supported 2,063 people in North Wales, including 929 victims of violent crime, 179 victims of domestic abuse and 123 victims of sexual offences. Across the whole of England and Wales VS supported 126,701 people.

VS also runs Victim Awareness Courses in North Wales. These aim to reduce reoffending by working with offenders of low level crime to help them understand the impact that their actions have on victims, their loved ones, themselves and the wider community.

Last year 40,021 crimes were recorded by the police in North Wales, including 12,696 violent crimes, seven homicides, 1,694 sexual offences and 14,273 thefts.

North Wales Police have seen their budgets cut by £4.3 million by the Conservative Government – creating a loss of 132 police officers – since 2010. This has resulted in a rise of violent crime of 47% in the same period.

Victim Support are a marvellous charity and their work continues to be invaluable for the families, friends and wider communities that are affected by crime. Being able to attend the Victim Support event in Parliament allowed me to renew my pledge to fight for those who have been hurt by crime.

As a former Police and Counter Terrorism Minister, I understand how vital it is for our police to be properly funded and for victim support services to get the backing they need. The Conservative Government have cut North Wales Police funding by an eye-watering £4.3 million since 2010. This has meant that we have lost Bobbies off the beat, putting our communities at risk. I will continue the fight for fair funding our North Wales Police so we can live in safer communities.

It is important that I, as your Member of Parliament, back Victim Support because we need to continue to make people aware that there is help available to all that need it after a crime. If you want to speak to Victim Support you can call 0808 1689 111.