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over 6,000 households in Delyn, using pre-payment meters, pay over £1 million more for duel fuel than the average direct debit

I am urging the Government to end the ‘PrePay Rip Off’ following the publication of new figures which shown an estimated 6,461 families in Delyn could be forced to pay an extra £1,027,299 on their fuel bills.

On average households who are forced to pay for gas and electricity through prepayment meters spend £159 a year more than those using the cheapest direct debit tariffs.

In Wales 266,495 families in Wales paying £60,227,870 on their fuel bills because of the ‘PrePay Rip Off’

Pre-payment meters are ripping off Delyn residents to the tune of over a £1 million a year compared to those on duel fuel direct debit bills. This is not right. Many people who are on pre-payment meters are so because they cannot afford to pay for their energy in large monthly sums. Energy firms are inflating prices and pocketing the excess profit.

I am urging the Government to end this rip off and ensure that people who are on pre-payment meters are not discriminated against. Action can be taken by the Government to help thousands of families in Delyn, but time and time again they refuse.

Rest assured I will continue to press the Government to ensure that our energy companies charge fair and decent rates to all their customers, no matter how they pay.