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North Wales MPs call for offshore wind investment

North Wales MPs David Hanson MP and Albert Owen have today called for more government long term commitment and planned  investment in the offshore wind industry to help develop more renewable energy and support the industry in the area.

Speaking in a debate in Westminster, Mr Hanson and Mr Owen spoke in favour of establishing better support for the offshore wind industry to ensure greater renewable energy for the UK and the jobs and investment in the local area in this industry can be supported.

Onshore wind farms play an important role in helping provide for the energy needs for the United Kingdom, and are a vital source of employment for many people, including people in Flintshire through companies like West Coast Energy in Mold, and at offshore wind sites off the north wales coast supported by Mostyn Docks.  However, under this government Britain has slipped from 4th to 5th in the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), which ranks how attractive countries are for investment for renewable energy. This decline could put £330 billion of investment at risk, and Mr Hanson and Mr Owen called on the government to reverse this trend.

Mr Hanson MP for Delyn said:

“Offshore wind is an important investment in both our environmental and our economic future, and provides important jobs and investment into north wales.  So it’s been discouraging to see the government over the past four years treat green issues with such disdain and has allowed the UK to fall in the Renewable Energy rankings.  We need proper government support and investment in this industry, and I’ll continue to push the government to provide it.”