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No Vote No Voice


Responding to their constituents concerns, the North Wales Labour Group of MPs have tabled a number of Parliamentary Questions in order to highlight the extent to which Welsh residents who are employed by and use public services in  England rely on their Member of Parliament to give them a voice.


The North Wales Labour Group of MPs have asked the Government to provide data on how many Welsh residents use, and are employed by, hospitals, schools and other public services across the border.


Albert Owen said:


“David Cameron’s Conservative Party has asserted that we should only have English votes for English MPs. Unfortunately the Tories have not thought this through and such measures would be disastrous for people living in Wales.


“To take away the chance for people in Wales to vote on the services they use in England is ridiculous.”


Ian Lucas said:


“People in Wales rely on services like those supplied at the Countess of Chester Hospital and indeed many of my constituents work for the NHS and are employed over the border. To say that their Parliamentary representative would no longer be able to vote on UK health policy means they will have no say on a huge part of their own health provision.


“For example, in 2005/6 over 14,000 Welsh residents were treated at the Countess of Chester hospital alone.


“And it is not just hospitals, people rely on public transport to get them to work across the border, I have teachers that live in Wales but work in England. These proposals would make them disenfranchised when it comes to their work and the public services they use.”




Notes to editors: The decision to collect data on Welsh residents using public services in England was taken at a meeting of North Wales Labour MPs which was attended by Chris Ruane MP, Albert Owen MP, Mark Tami MP, Betty Williams MP, David Hanson MP and Ian Lucas MP.