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No Decisions Made on Post Offices in Delyn – Hanson

Delyn MP David Hanson has backed the unprecedented levels of investment in the Post Office; has welcomed the support from the National Federation of SubPostmasters; and has reiterated that no decisions have yet been made over restructuring in Delyn and the consultation has yet to start. 


David Hanson said:


“Here in Flintshire no decisions about restructuring and potential closures have been taken and the consultation has yet to start.


“The Government has given guarantees that nationally, 99% of the UK population to be within 3 miles and 90% of the population to be within 1 mile of their nearest post office outlet.


“I understand the importance of Post Offices to our local communities, which is why I have supported this Government’s investment in the service.


“Since 1997 the Government has put it over £2 billion in subsidy and have also committed a further £1.7 billion up until 2011. The Conservative Party did not give the Post Office a penny of subsidy when they were in power and have in recent Parliamentary debates refused to match this Government’s subsidy which will help secure the future of the network.


“The moves to restructure the Post Office Network have been supported by the National Federation of SubPostmasters. The NFSP argue that in order for the vast majority of communities to keep their local post office the network must be reduced in a planned and compensated manner. This, they argue, will mean the network will then have the opportunity to survive and thrive in the future, giving its members the certainty they need.


“And we need to be clear that subsidies alone will not save the Post Office, which is why the Government is working hard with Post Office Ltd to develop new reasons for customers to use the Post Office.  There has already been progress in this direction with Post Office Ltd being the leading supplier of foreign exchange in the country, developing services in home and car insurance, broadband, secure Christmas savings and other services.”