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New Safer Vehicles being used by Cemex UK

Today, I inspected the new vehicles being purchased by Cemex UK, who have a quarry located in Pentre Halkyn, to help increase the safety of our roads for cyclists and pedestrians.

The new tipper lorry has 90% more viability than traditional lorry cabs. This means that drivers, who are also closer to road level, are able to see other road users more easily and reduce road traffic collisions.

These new vehicles were introduced as part of national Bike Week which is launched this week.

Cemex has owned and operated Pentre Halkyn quarry since the 1950s and has seen substantial investment in recent years. Halkyn Mountain’s rich mineral deposits have been quarried since the Romans first capitalised on its lead. While the last of many lead mines closed in the 1970s, Halkyn’s high quality limestone remains a vital contributor to the construction industry and, through it, to the economy and way of life of all who live in the region.

There have been a worrying increase of road traffic incidents between heavy goods vehicles and cyclists. This move by Cemex is welcomed as it will see a business acting responsibly to bring about increased safety on our roads.

I hope that other road haulage firms will see these new vehicles and replicate this positive action. Safer roads not only save lives, but mean that there is less congestion through delays from attending collisions.