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New £5 note

I attended the launch of the new five pound note in Parliament this week. The Bank of England has cooked them in ovens, drowned them in red wine, stuck them in the microwave and run them through a 90OC washing machine cycle. It reckons the new £5 plastic notes – which go into circulation on 13 September – will be warmly welcomed by the British public.

The new notes are combustible, but only ignite in high heat conditions. What is evident is that the new notes are far more durable than existing notes, few of which ever see their own first birthday.

The image of the Queen of England has been subjected to test after test by the Bank. The new five pound note can be wiped clean, and repels dirt and moisture. Furthermore it will save money for the Bank of England as the new five pound notes don’t have to be reissued as often as the current ones do.

I am delighted that the new five pound note is being launched. It means a great deal that the new five pound note pays tribute to Churchill. The longer life span and the hygienic nature of the note sets it as a cut above from the rest.

The durability of the note means that it’ll last nearly five years longer than the current cotton ones. The new five pound notes are cleaner, more secure, and more durable than paper banknotes. They are also less likely to be counterfeited.

I look forward to the note being launched in September this year. I believe our banknotes are testaments to the outstanding achievements of the nation’s greatest individuals. Don’t worry, the five pound notes in real life aren’t as big as the one I hold in the picture!