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MPs Welcome Airbus Investment

Flintshire MPs Mark Tami and David Hanson have welcomed a £28m grant to help Airbus develop a centre for the development of composite wing technology.

Labour MPs David Hanson and Mark Tami said the grant would help the Broughton site lead the way in the production of next generation wings.

Mr Tami added: “Composite wing technology is crucial to the future of the aerospace industry.

“Whoever leads the way in developing composite wings will capture the market. That is why this money is so important to Broughton.

Mr Hanson said: “The Labour government in Westminster is committed to defence projects that utilise composite wings and this grant will assist in developing that new technology.

“Airbus is pivotal to the economy of Flintshire and this is excellent news for the skilled men and women working at the Broughton plant.”